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    Although Shopify themes are in English, some themes have more than one language option. These themes include translations of all of the text content in your online store, such as product descriptions, contact information, and cart and checkout information.

    For themes that include multiple languages, you can simply DESIGN side stripe trouser Multi Asos L4UTOA
    . If your theme doesn't have the language that you want, then you can create the translations yourself .

    You can have one language active on your online store.

    If your theme is a free theme by Shopify , then your theme also includes Spanish translations of your Womens Diorama3N 9O Sunglasses Blue 55 Dior m5o2i

    Choose a language for your theme

    You can choose a language for your published theme. If the theme that you want to translate isn't published, then you need to UnisexAdults TH 1424/S BN Sunglasses Green Lilac 43 Tommy Hilfiger EOjHSGYi
    before following these steps.

    To choose a language for your theme:

    Online Store Themes
    Sales channels Manage themes

    For your published theme, click Actions > Edit languages .

    Actions Edit languages

    Click Change theme language :

    Change theme language

    Click the Language drop-down list to see all the languages now available for the theme:


    To choose another language, click the language in the list, and then click Save . If the language that you want to use isn't included, then you need to create a new translation for your theme .

    You can also choose your checkout language from the Ties On Sale Cardinal Red Silk 2017 one size LIVERANO amp; LIVERANO one size LIVERANO & LIVERANO Cardinal Red 2017 xZ0GRd

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    If you are new to programming and don’t know where to start, then this is the course for you!

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    Many people, seeing that an item is on this list, do not investigate any further and think this means the oils listed are safe for internal use.

    This is not the case.

    These guidelines mean the substances are safe for their intended use. For instance, approximately 10 million pounds of BAGS Handbags Save My Bag GPaNu
    and peppermint are produced annually for use in the food and beverage industry in the United States.

    Over half of that is used for toothpaste, with a significant portion going to gum, candy, and personal care items like soap. These are those element’s intended uses, and what the FDA has concluded they are safe for.

    Peppermint (Mentha piperita) can calm many stomach ailments . This is why peppermint tea is so popular. Should you put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in some water and drink it the next time you have an upset stomach?

    Not on your own without professional guidance.

    With every substance comes side effects, no matter if it comes from nature or is synthetically made in a lab. I firmly believe that some essential oils are inherently safer than pharmaceuticals. Hundreds of thousands die each year because of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine.

    However, people have died from ingesting essential oils incorrectly as well.

    For instance, a 7-year-old boy lost his life when his mother refused conventional treatment, choosing to give him Womens 310 9037 4700 Closed Toe Heels Hgl GnSv9FN
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    Some individuals believe that if something is “natural,” “therapeutic grade,” or “organic,” then it is safe.

    But that’s far from the truth.

    Only unadulterated, pure essential oils should be used in aromatherapy and any clinical setting. This is not to say they are safe to ingest. Moreover, there are no regulations surrounding the “grades” of oils, which can make choosing them confusing to unsuspecting consumers.

    Nature is full of plants that are 100% pure that will kill you.

    Belladonna, for instance, is quite deadly, and it does not have to be reduced to a highly concentrated oil to do so.

    Oils are chemical compounds.

    Volatile oils, at their core, are chemicals. Their building blocks include things like aldehyde, ethers, ketones, various types of terpenes, oxides, phenols, and more.

    Let’s use terpenes as an example. They can be antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and a wealth of other benefits.

    They are also the main constituents in turpentine. The primary use of which is thinning oil-based paints and for wood varnishes.

    You aren’t going to run out and buy turpentine to pour over a cut or drink the next time you get the flu, right?

    To be fair, it was once used internally to fight intestinal parasites and as an antiseptic. That was until people realized that it caused a host of issues, including renal failure and even death.

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    “Don’t Take It Personally” Is Terrible Work Advice
    Sign In Pants for Women On Sale Black polyester 2017 12 26 28 Elisabetta Franchi 2017 Pants for Women On Sale 12 26 28 Elisabetta Franchi polyester 5s81yr

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    Is Overwork Killing You?
    printed bow tie Blue Fefē mKb0y
    March 29, 2016
    Already registered? Womens Plus Blue Amelie rip hem super skinny jeans River Island xy5KvT
    paul garbett FOR HBR

    I was recently working with a leader who had just lost a much-valued employee to a competitor. He had invested a large amount of time in mentoring and training the person and had high hopes and expectations for his career. The employeewas someone clearly identified as “top talent” within the company —and what’s more, the resignation came as a complete surprise. The team leader was feeling let down and annoyed.

    “I guess the conclusion I have come to,” he said, “is that I just mustn’t take this personally.”

    It’s a sentiment we have all often heard in work contexts: “Don’t take it personally” or “Hey, it’s not personal, it’s business.” I’ve heard it said about feedback, conflict, difficult conversations, restructuring, losing deals, collaboration, dealing with career ups and downs —all kinds of daily workplace issues.

    And yet it’s an absurd idea.

    Work is the place where I’m going to spend the bulk of my waking hours —indeed, the bulk of my life —and yet I’m not supposed to take it personally? I should accept the idea that the bulk of my life from twentysomething to sixtysomething is somehow not personal?

    While I fully understand that by “not taking it personally” we are better able to protect ourselves in work contexts that can often be challenging, threatening, and relentless, there are benefits to making our work, leadership, and followership personal.

    The first relates to success and well-being at work. Take a moment and think about the people you’ve encountered whom you consider inspired, energized, and successful. They probably take work personally. And the flip side is that the people who have depersonalized their work are probably not the people you have enjoyed working with. Your own experience thus indicates that success seems to be linked to taking your work personally.

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